Guys, if you speak Japanese or Korean, or even if you don’t, please send a message to sercgakisei because he’s a disabled non-binary Korean/Chinese/Japanese teen who has been bullied by weeaboos on this site for not speaking English very well. His father has taken over his account and will translate the English messages for him.

please do this


This is what I got for my birthday! Each letter is hand-painted, and my aunt ordered it from Etsy. The owners of the shop are named Andrew and Gabriella. I went to high school with them, and they are the nicest people ever! They’ve high school sweethearts, and they are just awesome people. Andrew hand drew all of these, and you can customize whatever you want on them, including Marvel characters. This is one of my most prized possessions, and this will always be on my wall. They only have the shop open during the summer, but if you want the name of the shop, message me.



before disney started to suck ass

if only we could reverse time

Universities across Japan are beginning to offer balanced breakfast options for only 100 yen ($0.98) to students so they can show students the importance of breakfast on their health and well-being.


do you know how difficult it is to feel secure in your looks and personality and overall self when absolutely no one has ever shown any interest in you whatsoever like yeah you shouldn’t base all of your self-confidence on other people but still there’s like always that irritating little voice inside of you that tells you that you’ve never been worth a second glance or getting to know for anyone and you can try to ignore it all you want but it’s still there

Little Elsa and Anna concept art by Jin Kim


*planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what